• Motion

    I enjoy making things move. This is work from 2001 on. I turned my focus to Flash banners and now I'm back to After Effects. I like turning all the knobs to 11.
  • Painting and Drawing

    Painting records my thoughts.  I like the word "reverie" because it incorporates past present and future in a creative moment – making up a story or maybe enjoying my "theory of mind" – just like my cat.
  • Submarine

    Submarine installation. I wanted to create a kind of allegorical Captain Nemo, living free from the laws of any nation, a kind of Heart of Darkness scenario on a submarine voyage without end. I was thinking of the mental map (psychogeography) anyone, child novice or adult expert, has of a system and my limited understanding of cargo cults. (photo credit Lee Anne Swanson)
  • Coelacanths

    Coelacanth I made while learning 3d modeling and animation in Maya. Coelacanths are a recurring image in my work.